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I've just been busy is all...

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I haven't been blogging in a long time, I swear I'll be trying to get better at it I've just been busy.

Busy doing what though? Well I've been working on all kinds of new woodblocks, working as a part time bicycle messenger, making some skateboard graphics that should come out next spring, and helping a few friends with their business.

But I've got some new prints out, the VW GTI prints that my close friends have been asking for for years. Enjoy this short process video to see how they were made.

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The VW prints are done already, they will be shipping next week. You can find them HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I know I've been quiet...

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I haven't been blogging this week because I've been working on some other things and it just slipped my mind. In the coming week I'll have some exciting things coming up.

  • I just ordered six new linoleum blocks.
  • I've recorded two new songs in the last week.
  • shot a music video for one of those songs.
  • working on the Grind Pays blog format.
  • starting to VLOG, episode 1 coming soon.
  • 30 day ab challenge.
  • Grind Pays Radio V.1

Keep coming back for an updated website, new prints, new music, new videos, new, NEW, NEW!


Hokusai's Great Wave.

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Everyone knows this print, if you've never seen it before then please enjoy it's greatness, it's beauty and it's technical precision. This iconic image has existed since the early 1830's and is quite possibly the most famous piece of art in Japanese history. 

While the Great Wave may be a ubiquitously recognizable image in popular culture, it was actually only one print in a series of 36 prints from the series "Views Of Mount Fuji". Ellen Gamerman recently wrote a nice article about how The Great Wave went viral which inspired me to make this post. 

In the article Gamerman mentions that the MFA in Boston will have a Japanese print exhibition going on this summer. I will be visiting the show for sure but I wanted to post a few, less famous but still beautiful, prints from the "Views of Mount Fuji" series. 

Traveling to: SF

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This year I'm continuing the Print Subscription model as a series of postcards. After living in Barcelona for more than a year now I plan to return to the US and visit various cities around the country. On my list is NYC, Boston, Chicago, Austin Texas and San Francisco. There is a lot of room on the list of destinations. Subscribers will help fund these trips so please consider subscribing.  

With this in mind I just found a really cool video shot from above San Francisco at night that is really inspiring and makes me want to visit SF and do big things with my friend Ryan Vicente

Buy My Prints so I can buy prints!

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I love prints, I make prints because I love them. If I had my way my house, when I eventually have one, would be like walking into a carefully curated print museum/gallery. 

We all know I can make prints, but very rarely can I buy prints. "Buy My Prints so I can buy prints" will be a series of blog posts where I post prints that I would buy for my collection. 

This print is by the Los Angeles based, Australian art duo Dabs and Myla. This print is a silkscreen print with a spray paint colored base layer. 

Signed and numbered in an editions of 100, but just look at that sexy little printers chop! A chop is the tool used to emboss the logo of the printer into the paper and this one makes me want one soooo badly.  

You can see more work from Dabs and Myla at their website DABSMYLA