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One Last Shepard Fairey Post

Artkyle bryantComment

As I figure out how to approach my blog I've come up with the idea of featuring one artist, or print publisher for an entire week... With this final Shepard Fairey post the blog will make a clean transition to next weeks feature: Pace Prints. 


Pace Prints is one of the giants in the print world, and no trip to NYC is complete for me before visiting their Chelsea gallery to see new prints and the prints in their archive. I absolutely love looking through their print collection, and the staff is always more than accommodating in pulling things out from the files for me. 

A few years ago Pace Prints did prints with Shepard Fairey that were absolutely awesome. Below you will see a few of the images, and a video of the process that created the prints. Enjoy. 


I love the use of mixed media techniques in creating the final editions of these complex prints. The images use collage, screen print, relief printing, stencil and spray paint as well as hand finished details. 

Not only is it hard enough to create an image using all of these techniques, it takes true mastery and skill to recreate an image in an edition of 50 like Pace's master printers were able to do. 

This video inspires me quite a bit to combine new techniques in my prints. Look forward to some cool new things in the coming projects.