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Shepard Fairey - Studio Process.

Artkyle bryantComment

Shepard Fairey is one of my favorite artists using printmaking as a medium. His brand is huge and in many ways has become much more than just art, but at it's roots Obey is about street art and punk rock. 

I found this video years ago, and for some reason it popped into my mind again. Check out this process video of Shepard Fairey making a painting from "start to finish" 

I absolutely love the use of layers and textures in this piece. It's awesome to watch how the background of the piece develops well before the stencil even starts to touch the canvas. 

I'm also amazed at how he creates his stencils. I've never thought to place floating shapes into the layers the way that he does. Placing small shapes and removing the larger shape is amazing. 

I've been working on creating color separations for my newest print, and it's videos like this that get me excited to make them.