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Doing work vs. Going to work

real talkkyle bryantComment

Today is my day off from a 40 hour a week employment schedule in a corporate environment. If I never work for a corporation again when this seasonal position is over, I will consider that a success in itself.

With the next two days to myself I plan is to fully utilize this little oasis in order to accomplish some things I've been working on for a while now. Those things include:

  • Make this blog post today and another for tomorrow
  • Edit the music video for my song "Upgrade My Status"
  • Do groceries / run errands
  • Finish writing the song "What I Want / What I Need"
  • Eat well
  • Stretch for at least 20 minutes
  • Design the cover for my next song "ART: Ambition Requires Tenacity"

Over the course of two days I should be able to easily knock those things out and at the end of it all I will feel accomplished, relieved and excited to share my hard work with the world.

At the end of the day at my job I feel exhausted, mentally and physically, and honestly I just feel like I gave away my limited time for very little in return. 

That's the difference between working for yourself and working for someone else. When you're working for yourself you are following your dreams, crossing off goals from your to do list and ultimately feeding your happiness through your own hard work. When you're working for a job that you aren't passionate about you're going to end up begrudgingly getting dressed in the morning, punching a clock and waiting for your 8 hour shift to end.

I like to think of it like the difference between driving through Nebraska and climbing a mountain.

When you're driving through Nebraska you're driving past corn field, after corn field, after corn field for what seems like an eternity. You're going to work every day, picking up a check, and barely making any progress in your life.

When you're climbing a mountain your legs hurt, it's hard to breathe and the only thing that keeps you going is knowing that there is a reward at the end. Eventually you come out of the trees and look around at the view but you're not even at the top yet. You can see where you're going and when you finally get there you'll feel accomplished, knowing that you and you alone got to the top.

I just came out of the trees, I can see the top of the mountain and even if my legs are killing me and I have to stop occasionally to catch my breath, but at least I don't see any corn!