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When a friend from art school tell's you...

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(Social media) ... is weirdly useful if you utilize the cool people. There are few artists I ever liked at all, and you always were a connection because you’re also a β€œfuck this shit” kind of person. always digging and fighting for forward movement. I relate to that, so your efforts are intersting to me and in a way aid me in remembering to forge my own thanks
— Emily Teague

Emily was cool. She was one of the first real lesbians that I ever met. We met freshman year at Mass Art. Back then I was known as being, what you would call, an asshole. I didn't think she liked me, but I didn't think anyone really liked me.

Over the years of school she would always engage me in conversation and be genuine about the interaction. I really appreciate people who are genuine. I'm glad that I can inspire genuine people.

- Stay True To Yourself - Stay True To Others -