Limit It Editions

Day One: Printing for Tree - Trap Genius.

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I just started the first layers of the Tree Trap Genius prints. By my estimate this print will end up being a 10 to 12 layer screen print with variations in the sky for more limited editions. 

tree day one kyle bryant.jpg

This is the original painting, a photocopy so I can see through it on the light table, and the drawing for the key layer of the whole image. Every layer will fit underneath the final drawing. 

The sky in this image has a lot of variation to it. That come from the process of printing two colors at once where generally the colors blend together, in this case causing a green. The best ones of these will be use to create the "Atomic Sky" edition. The other ones will altered to fit the other colors after they are applied. 

These are the layers that will be needed to create the final image. Some of these layers will contain up to three different colors using the same screen.